About the Gavintech Framework

This is the development page for the Gavintech Framework. It is a GPL licensed framework written in PHP that handles a lot of menial PHP tasks automatically, allowing you to focus on your pages.

The Gavintech framework is being written to replace the Gavintech GTPhoto product. As GTPhoto2 matures, so will this framework, so new versions will be released periodically. The current production version operated by Gavintech can be found here.

Current features of the framework include:

  • Login via SQL database or LDAP
  • Modular include structure
  • Success and error handling
  • Email administrator on fatal error
  • User input cleaning functions
  • Multi-level sidebars with optional AJAX support
  • Automatic pagination
  • Data input validation
  • Forced form validation
  • Mysql via mysql or mysqli extension
  • Interesting page log (log 404 errors)
  • Logging of anything using standard levels (framework or syslog)
  • An email daemon to send scheduled emails
  • Many useful utility functions
  • Print stylesheet
  • An AJAX database table editor
  • Dynamic class and RPC functionality loaders
  • Captcha human test
  • Chart plotting module

The framework currently includes the following pieces of software:

  • Todo list
  • Account signup and management (signup can be disabled)
  • Log viewer
  • Shopping cart