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Testing Version

Version 1.1 Beta 2 is the third preview version of Gavintech Framework Version 1.1, which will feature (among other things) database abstraction using the MDB2 library.

Migration from version 1.0 to 1.1 will not be supported. The password storage format has changed from MySQL's PASSWORD() encryption to database-neutral SHA-256 format, which means passwords from 1.0 cannot be imported into version 1.1. If you are using LDAP authentication, you can migrate to 1.1 by manually creating sequence table called table_seq for each table that previously auto_incremeted with a single field called sequence filled in with the last id value, and removing the auto_increment property for those tables.

Current features implemented and in testing are:

  • UTF8 support
  • Database abstraction using the MDB2 library
  • RSS feed fetcher/viewer
  • Ticket tracking system

Pear module requirements:

  • MDB2
  • MDB2_Driver_(your_db)

PHP must be compiled with:

  • --with-mhash (SHA-256 passwords)
  • --enable-mbstring (UTF-8 support)
  • --with-gd (captcha support)
  • --with-png (captcha support)
  • --with-jpeg (captcha support)
  • --with-mysqli (only for MySQL support)
  • --with-pgsql (only for Postgresql support)
  • --with-ldap (only for LDAP authentication support)
  • --with-dom (only if you want to use RSS reader)
  • --with-xsl (only if you want to use RSS reader)

You will need both of these files plus a database setup file the first time you set up the framework.

Gavintech Framework 1.1 Beta 2 (August 7, 2022)
Dummy site 1.1 Beta 1 (May 6, 2008)

Database setup files:
Gavintech-Framework-1.1.mysql.sql (April 26, 2007)
Gavintech-Framework-1.1.postgres.sql (April 22, 2007)

Production Version

You will need all three of these files the first time you set up the framework.

Gavintech Framework 1.0 (October 30, 2006)
Dummy site 1.0 (October 30, 2006)
Gavintech-Framework.sql (April 22, 2007)

UTF8 support has been patched into Framework 1.0 by James Deck of NGE. His patch is available here.

Previous Versions

GTPhoto Framework 0.5 and above requires the corresponding dummy package in order to work. Previous versions of the framework only come as one package. You will also need the SQL file linked above.

Gavintech Framework 1.1 Beta 1 (May 6, 2008)

Gavintech Framework 1.1 Alpha 1 (April 22, 2007)
Dummy site 1.1 Alpha 1 (April 22, 2007)

GTPhoto2 Framework 0.9 Beta (May 3, 2006)
Dummy site 0.9 Beta (May 1, 2006)
GTPhoto2 Framework 0.5 Beta (January 12, 2006) (Errata)
Dummy site 0.5 Beta (January 12, 2006)
GTPhoto2 Framework 0.4 Beta (August 25, 2005)
GTPhoto2 Framework 0.3 Alpha (March 24, 2005)
GTPhoto2 Framework 0.2 Alpha (November 8, 2004)
GTPhoto2 Framework 0.1 Alpha (Early 2004)

Note! To upgrade from 0.9 to 1.0, you must add the new defines from framework/vars.php to your overrides/vars.php.

Note! To upgrade from 0.5 to 0.9, you MUST copy over rpc.php, graph.php and captcha.php from the dummy package to your existing installation! You must also merge your overrides (especially vars.php and header.php) with the new versions from the framework folder.