Sponsor a Feature

The framework is developed whenever I need a feature, or when I occasionally look at bug reports and pick off a few in my spare time. Fixing bugs and implementing feature requests are unpaid work, so they're fairly low priority items on my todo list.

The quickest way to get a feature or fix into the Gavintech Framework is to send me a patch that implements the feature. If it's not too intrusive, I'll probably include it, or parts of it, in the next version of the framework. Alternately, you can sponsor me to develop a feature. By paying me to develop the framework, everyone benefits from the update, and you get your feature quickly.

The current rate if the code developed is to be licensed under the GPL and released in a later version of the Gavintech Framework is $30 CAD per hour. The price is $50 CAD per hour for code that is not to be released under the GPL. Contact me at kloostec@gavintech.com for a free quotation on a new feature implementation.

Also, if you'd like an entire application developed in the framework, you can contract me to implement that as well. Rates are negotiable depending on the number of hours.

Thank you!